EKI is the Finnish Champion of 2018

23. December 2018

Saturday, December 15th 2018, the NHL world champion Erik ‘’EKI’’ Tammenpää, claims another title, and becomes the Finnish champion. Winning the 1v1 event and 4000€ at the IS Cup 3 in Helsinki, Finland.

After joining Team Sampi in September, Erik ‘’EKI’’ Tammenpää has performed like expected. Being the only player to make it into both of the grand finals at KSC Cup. But yet to bring a title home.

Before IS Cup 3 the main favorites were EKI and Pleemaker. Along with a list of strong contenders such as Team Sampi’s Arttu ‘’Artuzio’’ Mustila. Unfortunately for Artuzio the event ended in the group stage. EKI on the other hand was able to make it through the group stages, and then into the playoffs. EKI won both the quarter and semi-final very convincingly with a score of 2-0. EKI yet again found himself in a grand final. In the final he faced a familiar face – Pleemaker. Pleemaker who won KSC Cup after beating EKI in the grand final.This time however, it was EKI who could lift the trophy after a super close and intense grand final.

                                EKI winning the Finnish championships (Source: SEUL – Picture by Jussi Jääskeläinen)

How does it feel to win IS Cup 3, and become the Finnish champion?

  • “Of course it feels amazing I’ve said all year my goal is to win the Finnish Championship and now that I did it in 1v1 and 6v6 too the feeling is unreal”

Did you feel any extra pressure of getting a title home to Team Sampi?

  • “No. I don’t do this for other people I want to win because I want to prove I’m the best when it matters. If you think what other people think and “what does Sampi think if I don’t win” for example I’m pretty sure you will not win because you have the wrong mindset.”

You’ve won both the World Championships, and now the Finnish Championship in 2018. How would you compare those events?

  • “The tournaments were completely different. World Champs lasted like 3 months and IS cup 3 lasted one day for me. But of course that World Championship was a bigger deal for me because of the prize involved and to prove that I’m the best at something in the world, I can’t describe the feeling I had after that win. But Finnish Championship was also a big deal because I have never won a Finnish Championship in 1v1 and this was the biggest tournament in Finland that has been made. And of course to prove that the World Championship wasn’t a fluke it’s also nice.”

The 2018 ends on a high note for Team Sampi. Winning titles in NHL, Rocket League and TrackMania. Along with podium placements in all the games, it’s safe to say that our squad has performed to our expectations and beyond. Let’s hope 2019 will continue like 2018 ended.

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Written by Eirik Holdal