Team Sampi

2018 – A Dream Start

31. December 2018

Since Team Sampi entered the e-sport scene back in September 2018, titles and podium placements has been collected. Offering players support they didn’t have before, and bringing motivation back to some legends, it’s safe to say that 2018 has been a dream start for Team Sampi. Let’s sum of the year 2018 for Team Sampi.

When Jakub Jankto started recruiting players from different e-sport games, some people were sceptical. Was this guy for real or was this just a scam? Now four months later the doubters are proven wrong, and Jankto has proven that Team Sampi is for real, and wants to give support to the top players.

Already in their first month of existens, Team Sampi collected a title. Marek ‘’tween’’ Pacher who has been playing TrackMania for ten years, but yet to claim a lot of titles. September 30th 2018 tween’s biggest win came at Giant Cup 2018. His performance at the event that took place in Paris, France was outstanding enough to be nominated as one of the four nominees for ‘’Performance of the Year’’ at TrackMania Awards 2018.

The following month, October, was even better for Team Sampi. In fact, the last week of October Team Sampi collected two titles, and three other podium placements. The Rocket League team was able to win MČSR. While Erik ‘’EKI’’ Tammenpää and Arttu ‘’Artuzio’’ Mustila placed 2nd and 3rd at KSC Cup in NHL 19. However, the biggest win for Team Sampi came when Martin ‘’Kappa’’ Krompolc won the TrackMania World Championship 2018. This performance was also outstanding enough to be nominated for ‘’Performance of the Year’’ at TrackMania Awards 2018.

The last month of 2018 was another strong month, and specially for our NHL 19 player Erik ‘’EKI’’ Tammenpää. Starting with a second place at the KSC Cup V2 behind Pleemaker. However, EKI got his revenge at IS Cup 3 and became the Finnish Champion. Also our FIFA line-up ended the year with a podium placement. Stanislav ‘’WickyBG’’ Chakarov placed second at QLASH FIFA 19 tournament in Malta.

Let’s see what the players, manager & founder have to say about 2018.

Eki – NHL:

“Sampi has been a dream come true for me. They have supported me in every way I’ve wanted. Nothing else to say really, I’m truly blessed I got this opportunity.”

Artuzio – NHL:

“It has been a honor to be part of Team Sampi. Only one podium place for me in end of 2018 so I want to bring much more titles for Sampi in 2019!”

tween – TrackMania:
“Joining Sampi has been a big factor in regaining the gaming spirit for me. I’ve been struggling to balance the heavy grinding with real life, and the support and camaraderie with a new set of motivated people made things a whole lot easier. I’m very satisfied and proud of the fruits of my efforts since joining Sampi and I can only hope to keep it up throughout 2019.”

Kappa – TrackMania:

“I am very thankful for what Team Sampi has given to me this year, because they made me reconsider my professional career and I have become a better player than I ever was. That led to the victory of the World Championship, which I always dreamt of. I am really looking forward to 2019, cannot wait to participate in further tournaments!”

WickyBG – FIFA:

“I’ve only been a part of Sampi’s team for a few months, but it feels like much longer! Until now, I’ve participated in one tournament and finished second in Malta. Thanks to everyone in the team for the amazing support!”

DiDa – FIFA:

“The opportunity to represent Team Sampi in the second half of 2018 was a big challenge for me. Also, it was a great opportunity to be able to play full-time every day. Over thousands of matches play, participation in international events. All these things are pushing me forward. Thank you team Sampi for this opportunity and I am looking forward to 2019.”

nalmon – Rocket League:

“Overall 2018 wasa a good year. Winning 2 offline tournaments in a row including the Czechoslovakian Championship which eventually closed the year for us. Unfortunately Lauty left us so we are in search for a third. Our aim in 2019 is to compete in EU scene at higher level and make ourselves a name. Sampi is a great organisation and we will try our best to make them proud.”

Devixx – Rocket League:

“I really enjoyed playing for Sampi so far. Everyone is so kind and I do appreciate it. Hope 2019 will bring us many wins!”

Jakub Faul- Manager:

“When I look back to 2018, I only see success. We started our journey in early September and the first victory in an international tournament came just one month later. Our Trackmania section took home the double from a world championship in Paris which few organizations has done before. We became the Czech & Slovak champions in Rocket League and just before Christmas, also a Finnish champions in NHL. These are achievements I am truly proud of. Also, we established a stable team full of professionals only, which is something we are unique with in the Czech Republic. We are only getting started. 2019 will be the year of Sampi! Happy New Year everyone, support us on the way to become one of the best teams in Europe.”

Jakub Jankto – Owner & Founder:

“I’m really happy with this first half-year because we achieved many success in all games. This mean we have a stable, permanent and great players. I didn’t expect that we immediately win 5 important tournaments like TM. We started very well but we want even more. Always could be better. All of the us could be better. Anyway in 2019 we plan huge things. We’ll concentrate to future. Past you don’t change. Everybody can looking forward. It’ll be epic! Happy New Year everyone. I wish you all the best!”

Team Sampi 2018:
1st place: TrackMania World Championship 2018 (Kappa – TrackMania)

1st place: Giant Cup 2018 (tween – TrackMania)

1st place: IS Cup 3 (EKI – NHL)

1st place: MČSR (nalmon, Devixx & Lauty – Rocket League)

2nd place: TrackMania World Championship 2018 (tween – TrackMania)

2nd place: GO Malta (wickybg – FIFA)

2nd place: KSC Cup (EKI – NHL)

3rd place: KSC Cup (Artuzio – NHL)

Happy New Year to all our followers. See you in 2019!

Written by Eirik Holdal